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I found this video. HTH
I just sub the applesauce for the same amount of oil. HTH
I guess I am the odd ball cause I thought your first prices were good, but I am on the opposite coast of you. Only thing I would say about the individual cookies is that it would cost a little extra if they wanted them bagged. I would do just a tray for the $2.50 a piece. Great looking cookies too. p.s. I charge per cookie then add $5.00 extra for the bouquet.
I found this to explain:
Thanks CeeTee, I think I will give her recipe a trial run. I checked the pioneer woman's link out but didn't see it was Bakerella's recipe.
Thanks guys I will check out the recipe section and the link to pioneer woman.
Thanks Cricket!
Thanks Diane.
I have someone that wants me to make them a strawberry pound cake, the kind you buy at walmart? I'm not sure what that is. They said a pound cake with fresh strawberries in the mix and then ice with cool whip and put fresh strawberries on top. Any one have any recipes for the cake part? Do I just use a regular pound cake recipe then add the strawberries? TIA
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