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Nevermind, I finally found it. 
Does anyone know where I can find the stencil on the bottom tier of this photo? I found it once before when I met with this bride, now I don't see it anywhere. I've searched Designer Stencils and Global Sugar Art, and I hope I'm just overlooking it. Please help. Thanks. 
I contacted Martellato about the leftover powder to see if that was normal. I've followed the recipe directions exactly. They didn't answer my question directly but let me know that I could purchase additional vials of the gel preparation part for $3.50 each plus shipping. I'll try with just glycerin with my leftover powder first. 
Dollar Tree is exactly where I was thinking of getting the cookies. Thank you so much for the tips on how to put them together. That helps so much. 
Thank you for the reply. I definitely agree that these use expensive ingredients and have to be time consuming. I'm hoping the price will scare her away.   She was asking about getting 30 of them. Thanks again.
I have a customer inquiring about the high heel cupcakes that you see pictures of floating around the internet. The ones where the cupcake is the toe section of the shoe, there is a flat piece of something (gumpaste?) angled up from there and a rolled cookie stick (pirouline? sp?) as the heel. Does anyone have a clue what to charge for these things?  My hubby said maybe around $6-7 each, then my 9 year old niece said it should be $10 each. Any help would be appreciated....
I'm with bakingpw, I have read that egg shells are a source of contamination to eggs, so I would think that egg cartons would not be safe to transport food items in. The ones that I always get are cardboard so there is no way to clean or sanitize them. I guess you could wash styrofoam ones. Neat concept though.
I was wondering if anyone has used the Gold luster spray available through Global Sugar Art. I am planning on using this for a cake and it is listed as a 3ml spray can. How much will this cover? 3ml isn't much and I want to be sure I have enough but don't want to over-purchase as it is expensive. $12.99 per can. If anyone has any information or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks so much.
Thank you immensely!
Does anyone know where the article about how to make a cupcake bouquet went? Either I'm blind or it's missing. I just found it the other day. Please help, I need to give a friend a list of things to buy to make one. Thanks.
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