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I've been using SPS for a while but this weekend I'm doing the cake a little bit differently and it will have Styrofoam separator tiers. I've been doing a lot of research on how to put it all together but I wanted to run it by you all to make sure I'm doing it correctly. The cake sizes will be 6,8,10,12,14,16. The dummies I bought are each 2" smaller than the cake that will sit on top of them. So it will be the 16" with a 12" SPS plate, then the 12" cake dummy, then the...
If I get the agbay, it is alright to just get the single layer? Or do I need to get the double?
Thanks, everyone. Every single time is a live and learn experience. It probably wasn't a big deal but I just didn't know. Now I do!
This wasn't a big deal to most people but it was one of my more stressful deliveries! This is only my second year doing weddings. Warning: SUPER LONG POST!!I delivered a cake on Saturday to the nicest venue I've been to. I was really intimidated from the moment I looked it up online. The venue coordinator called me the day before to tell me to "drive around back to the gate and the guard will let you in to park." Well, the venue was located in the midst of a whole bunch of...
That's exciting! Have fun doing it all!
I had a bride book 6 weeks out. She had planned on making a 200 cupcakes herself but then as the date got closer she realized that she just didn't want to deal with it. She paid everything in full when we met and she's been really great to work with.
Oh no! I was just looking at those, debating whether or not to buy one and now I think I'm going to have to. I'm so glad to hear they're worth every penny because they cost quite a few!
I have a small kitchen but I use a high stainless steel table for extra counterspace and storage and I also bought one of those large wire shelves. It holds quite a bit and I can adjust the shelves to whatever height I need them. I store my pans upright in boxes that I use as drawers.
mplaid, thanks for the photo. That looks great.
I HATE tastings. I would be SO much happier if I didn't do them but I feel that it's something brides expect and since I'm still small and want to grow, I'll cater to them for now. However, I no longer do tastings for cakes under 100 servings and I also charge $10 for a tasting because it weeds out people who just want free cake. That fee is applied toward their total balance if they book, if not, it covers my costs. I also bake a couple of kinds of cake once a month or...
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