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I like all of them. There's always at least one thing interesting in each show. I don't know how many times I think, oh wow, I didn't think about doing that. Or, an ah ok, that's how I dorked XYZ up. I should have done ABC. All that being said I think I like the Challenges as it helps show me what can be done if I keep at it.Happy Baking, Michelle
Thanks. It looked really good to me and figure someone else might like it too. Michelle
Hello All, I was cruising around the net tonight and ran across this record book. It's set up for a 4H project, but thought it was a really good idea. Especially for trying out new ideas and keeping better track of what happened. Decorating,Michelle
Forgive me for showing my ignorance. If the creamer has to be refridgerated what do you with your cakes after using them in your icing? Do you treat it like a cream cheese icing?Blessings,Michelle
I'm not sure what to suggest for price but the 'smoke' coming out of the engine you could go to a Cracker Barrel and get the rock candy on a stick and us it. Good luck
Definantly check out your local cake shop. That's where I took my lessons.
I've used a moving box. They have to be covered in my house or little fingers will end up in the icing
I went to Walmart's craft department. I picked out the sizes I wanted and wrapped them in contact paper. All I had to do is wipe and go again. Plus if you are wanting to practice sculpting some thing it might be cheaper to go with Walmart or some other place.Happy Baking,Michelle
I know I've posted very little, but I do read a lot. I wanted to say thank you for all the ideas, stories and information. Everyone has been so helpful. I've not been able to bake since about May, but I have been collecting ideas, tips and dying to get back in decorating toys.Happy BakingMichelle
I usually use the sprayer on my sink and hot water to get down in the tip then soap and water. If the icing has dried I soak it a bit in soapy water then spray them out and wash them by hand. The sprayer usually gets it all. I don't use royal icing so I've not had to worry about any left over oil to use the vinager. I have a dishwasher, but I don't like putting them in there. No good reason why other than I'm just weird. That was my 1/2 cent.Michelle
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