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haha, just transported a fondant cake 8 hours for a wedding. from class, it was definitely stated that fondant didn't need to go in to the fridge... from ppl worried about food poisoning, we placed it in the fridge then we transported the 8 inch in an electric cooler, the 12 inch was styrofoam so no worries there. i'd recommend stacking once you get there and putting all removable parts on once there. if you hit a bump of have to brake hard, the layers could go for a...
could you cut them up and serve as samples to your customers
So glad I signed in.... i started making one for myself but it's not as detailed as this! makes me want to make a cakethank-you
Sunny,It's horrible what happened. My two cents are:Ask Susan for another topperDon't get lawyers involved because they will just chew up more money than paying for the topper yourself.Leave the drunk and MIL out of it because it will only cause stress for your daughter and her marriage. THe drunk and MIL obviously don't care and you and your daughter will only feel more stress, hurt and grief when they snub you again over the topper and the bill.Be there for your daughter...
This is my favourite filling and a proven winner in taste. sure how it would taste with a rum cake though. I use in a chocolate cake.
Here is a link to a cake I did for a lady who was retiring and liked to garden. I used colorflow for the fence. I just saw in the Wilton tiered cakes book a tiered cake where the top cake had a watering can made out of colour flow sitting on top and it "rained" on to the other cakes that were iced in green and covered in royal flowers. It was for a wedding shower, but you could put her age on the...
My MIL has done this and they turned out perfect! think she did the double saran too. She said the cake was less crummy too so that's a bonus!
I have the Wilton tilting table one AND have used the tilt. So far no problems with the tilting. Maybe it makes a difference on the size and shape of the cake that is on the turntable.
Yes, that would be cool! Would you use the VW bug pan? How would you do the vans, with a loaf pan?I'd suggest adding a little sign on the back of the vans saying "Just married". Maybe make some tin cans to follow behind the vans and bugs. I think those were popular then.
I am using royal icing because I am making a dummy and need to transport it to another province.Cshields, how fast do you work with the royal when icing it? I did a few smaller pieces for the castle and am now wondering how I am going to get the 10" and 14" round cakes done! (Your cake looks wonderful!)My "soon to be" mother-in-law were thinking that we would do it in sections. One night, focus on the tops, the other night focus on the sides.Any suggestions?Thanks!
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