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I pretty much gave up on getting a good black or a good I buy the Wilton tubes for those 2 colours. They're never used in large quantities anyways.
Can you roll it out in sugar or cornstarch (and of you do, will it come off somehow?)I ordered some to experiment with, but I'd like to keep the waste to a minimum. Can anyone help me out?
I've never had a problem storing fondant. Just wrap it in saran wrap, put it in a ziploc bag with the air pressed out and then I keep it in a tupperware container. As long as the air can't get to it, it should be fine.
I have tried many things to get my fondant a purple colour. Wilton paste turns a sickly grey-blue colour, colour dust makes it taste really weird. Mixing red and blue colouring together is unreliable and makes colours that are hard to recreate.How can I get a nice purple fondant colour? I'm at a loss.
I just made a pile of them over the weekend. I did exactly what the previou posters said, but I dusted them with 24kt gold dust I bought from a local cake shop.I posted some pictures of them on my website...take a peek if you like!(Look under 'Special Decorations')
I bought a diamond cutter from It's called a diamond quilting cutter (or somthing like that). Search productss under 'cutters' --> 'metal' using the word 'diamond' and it will take you to them.They work beautifully.
oops...that's 'guests'...not 'huests'.
Thank you all so much! (My dinner party huests this weeekend thank you too!)
When you fill a cake with pudding, what do you do to prevent it from squishing out the sides? I'm afraid an icing dam wouldn't hold, and I don't know how icing + pudding would taste together. Do you make the pudding extra thick?
Don't do it for free. My suggestion is probably not terribly helpful, but I've just told people looking for licensed character cakes that I just don't do them. I don't have the pans or the right to do so, (and piping all those starts makes my wrist ache!)
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