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I'm not sure about how long you can keep the truffles. I know someone will be able to help you with that.As far as coloring candy melts they say you can use the icing colors but add a little oil as well, (I didn't have much success when I tried it). If you can find different colors of the candy melts (green and blue) mix them together to get the color you need.
OK here's another request, maybe I'll be able to make this kind of rose Could you please PM me the instructions as well?Thanks so much!!!
A trick that I found that works pretty well is after filling the pans raise them off the counter and drop them a few times to get rid of air bubbles, then give them a little spin so the mix will go to the outer edges, bake as normal. When they come out the mound should be very slight , I just lay a towel over the top and press gently to make level (do this as soon as they come out or the cake will just spring back into shape).
I made a 3-D Dora, it's in my photo's. I used the wonder mold pan and an 8 inch round for the body, the head was hollow fondant (big pain), rice krispie treats covered in fondant would work much better, just get the RCT as smooth as possible and cover with fondant.
Maybe a very thin coat of corn syrup between your board? Very sticky stuff.
Sounds like fun!! Please use any of mine.
These will go along with 185 decorated sugar cookies (fall leaves) as wedding favors. And yep they took a while to do, about 8 hours over a three day span
I'm sorry I can't help you with a price, just wanted to tell you how beautiful your cake is, everything is so perfect!!!! What we won't do for our children
I just finished these up today with my candy melts, 185 each of the pumpkins and leaves(leaves are brushed with old gold luster). I think they turned out OK.
Here in southern WI they are $1.77. Just bought a dozen bags the previous Monday, they were nice enough to do a price adjustment for me
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