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I am doing a wedding cake soon - with buttercream, not fondant. I will be wrapping the bottom of each layer with ribbon. Does anyone know of a way to keep the grease of the icing from seeping onto the ribbon? Is there something I can line the ribbon with? Fortunately the ribbon will be black, so the grease actually won't be that noticeable. However, I would also like to prevent the icing from sticking to the ribbon when it is removed. Suggestions? Thanks!!
Does anyone have ideas for how to "line" ribbon with wax paper (or something else) before wrapping the cake with it? The point being to keep the ribbon from absorbing the greasiness of the icing. I don't want to use fondant. Thanks!!
Thanks for all of your ideas!
That's a great idea! I'll have to mention that idea to her. Thanks so much for the response!
Has anyone ever tried decorating with cream cheese frosting? Did it work? Did you alter a recipe to make it work? I'd appreciate any tips on this. I have a wedding cake to do and the bride wants carrot cake, so I'm assuming she wants cream cheese frosting on it! Thanks so much!
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