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I'm completely self taught. I figured if someones else can do can I. After a little trial & error...I got it. I started a full fledge cake business just over a year ago and doing well
I've never used this type of glue at all. Would it work on a GP bow tohold the loops in place? Faster drying than Royal Icing?
I refrigerate all my fondant cakes. I use Satin Ice and they say you can refrigerate or even freeze the fondant. It does get sticky when bought out out of the fridge, but will firm back up again in an hour or so. I actually utilize the "sticky" period to add fondant decorations as no additional "glue" is required that way.
wow, it's really nice to hear some of the feedback on her cake (your cake is awesome, by the way). Its really hard to jump in and start pricing your work fromwithin your own head. This is a nice gauge to utilize. Thanks guys.
I have tried both of those! Global Sugar Art is on the east coast, and hasn't answered me yet. But thanks for the suggestions.
I'm in the Los Angeles area (san fernando valley) and I am out of Satin Ice, don't have time for shipping and my local supplier is also out. Any suggestions of where I can pick some up locally or order from a California supplier? Thanks for any suggestions!
I used to use parchment paper until someone suggested plain old regular waxed paper. I tried it, and ended up with the same results as parchment paper. Since then I always use waxed paper (super easy and alot less expensive than parchment paper) and I never have a problem. It really works great if you want to compress your cake while in the pan (for a super flat surface) so it won't stick while cooling.
I use the strips around the pans and it works perfect! completely level cake every time. If you have a large pan, just use multiple strips if you can't find larger ones.
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