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Does anyone have a picture of a cake they did with those wedding charms in it? I have a girlfriend who wants me to do it and I need some ideas.Thanks,Natalie
A girlfriend of mine wants me to make these frogs for her daughter's birthday. How do you think these were made? Cake covered in fondant?Natalie
I've ground up oreo cookies before and then added just enough chocolate syrup to make it all stick together/mooshy and put that as a filling. Very rich and yummy!Natalie
Is there such a recipe?
Can I freeze cookies decorated with royal icing or will the condensation cause the icing to thin and discolor?Natalie
Can I put a cake with edible images on it in the refrigerator? Just want to make sure that the colors won't bleed.Thanks,Natalie
I've seen some sugar cookies with silver and/or gold icing and I was wondering how you do that? I looked at Hobby Lobby for something that looked like silver or gold icing but didn't see anything.Thanks,Natalie
I'm looking for some sugar cookie recipes that aren't just your plain recipe. Maybe chocolate or spice. Something flavored. Does anyone have something they could share, please????Thanks,Natalie
I have an order for a cake with cream cheese icing but the recipe I have is a little too soft and you can't do much decorating with it. Does anyone have a recipe for cream cheese icing that works well for decorating?Natalie
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