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I have two questions:1. Is there a way to turn a white cake mix into a chocolate cake? I normally make the WASC cake and don't have a chocolate cake mix and don't want to drag my kids to the store to buy one, so could I just add some cocoa powder or melted unsweetened chocolate or chocolate chips? And how much would I need?2. I only have medium eggs. Do I need to add extra eggs to make up for them not being large?Thanks!
I've never made the chocolate WASC, but all my other WASC attempts used to sink in the middle too. I started adding one whole egg in addition to the other eggs the recipe calls for and haven't had a problem since.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! I can find the Kern's nectar, but the recipe as it is in the google document calls for nectar, yogurt, and LorAnn's mango flavorings. I'm concerned that if I can't find the LorAnn's there won't be enough of a mango flavor compared to the coconut. This is what I've pieced together from the Coconut Mango and Orange Creamsicle recipes. Can you tell me if it's OK or if I should change anything:1 white cake mix1 C flour1/2 C sugar1 pkg. coconut pudding1/2 t....
Anyone?? Please??
Does anyone know if I use mango ice cream for the mango coconut cake the same way you use the sherbet in the orange dreamsicle cake? Would I have to make adjustments for the amount of sugar in the ice cream? They also had a tart mango frozen yogurt. Would that work better? Thanks.
Ugh...they don't even have that here. Due to state liquor laws, there is no liquor aisle in any store in the state and the very limited selection of non-alcoholic mixers doesn't include mango (at least not anywhere near me). As far as I can tell online, the state liquor stores don't carry it either.However, I did find some mango ice cream. Can I use that the same way you use the sherbet in the orange dreamsicle cake? Would I have to make adjustments for the amount of...
DD really wants the coconut mango cake for her birthday, but I can't find the mango flavored LorAnn anywhere (lots of other flavors, but no one has mango). Is there anything else I can use? Or should I just skip it and have it be less mango-y? I don't have time to order off the internet.
Thanks for the ideas brincess_b, I'll have to take a look at those in the galleries.
I'm completely drawing a blank on what to do for DD's 8th birthday fairy tea party cake. I want something elegant and pretty, but fairly simple since I have a lot of other things to do for the party. Any ideas?
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