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I would be interested in knowing what molds you are selling.  I would pay half price.   If you put together a list let me know.
Do you have a picture of the plaid on CC?  I can't figure out how to view a user's photos with this new layout!!
A bride wants to incorporate their Scottish tartans in the design of their wedding & groom's cakes.  For the wedding cake, she just want it as a ribbon around each tier.  I think I can use a printed frosting sheet for that.  But she wants the groom's cake to be a lab coat with the tartan tie.  Since I haven't worked with printed frosting sheets before, I don't know if it will be flexible enough to form into a tie.   Any suggestions on ways to make the tartans would...
Anyone know where to get fondant cutters to cut out crosses like what's on these cupcakes
I'm making cupcakes for a dental company. I need an idea for a topper with a tooth on it. I looked at the tooth lollipop molds but it's way too big. I really like to toppers on a disk like this one. forward to hearing your ideas!
I think it has something to do with Dominos being pure cane sugar!! Many of us have learned that lesson the hard way. I'm sure your cake turns out better than you ever expected!
Anyone know where I can purchase cutter to make the design on the side of the cake in this picture?
Here's the problem. All-purpose flour - no, no, no, no, Has to be cake flour. Try it again with cake flour. If possible, weigh the flour after sifting. 1 cup of cake flour weighs 3.5 oz. If you can't weigh, sift into a measuring cup being careful not to pack the flour.
Thanks ladies,I did pm the designer but haven't gotten a response yet. Thanks for your suggestions.
I'm going to try to make this cake. I kind of have an idea how to cut out the pieces but was wondering if I should apply the fondant pieces to a chilled cake?I don't work with fondant that much but understand that it can form condensation on the fondant as it comes to room temp.Any tips on creating this cake would be appreciate.Thanks,
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