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roll it from the center out and rotate it to keep it in a circle...practice more than anything else is what will help you roll out a circle.also, make sure you have rolled it big enough. for a 12" cake that is 4" tall it needs to be at least 20" in diameter.
Here is a tutorial i used when i was first learning how to do this and it worked beautifully. luck!
I order all my stuff from they are great to work with and if you have a business license they will sell to you wholesale.
That is very did a great job!!!
i have made both and can't really tell a difference between them. the only problem i have run into is that the wilton colors will not work well with them - i use powdered color when i am coloring meringue icings.they don't hold up well with the heat and your hands will soften them quickly when piping. i keep a bowl of ice near by and lay the bags on top of the ice to harden them up some when they begin to get soft. also, i chill it some before i use it.
Here's a link to the one i use most often:
Welcome to CC - you are going to love it here! I would suggest you take a couple of cake decorating classes first to polish your techniques. you can take the wilton classes at Michaels and they are inexpensive. as for starting a business, if you want to do it legally you need to check with the laws of your state and county to see what they allow for a home based cake business. some states will let you do it from home and some require a commercial kitchen. start with...
it will be fine left out - you can even leave them out if you use butter in the icing.
you could try skim milk - because it is missing most of the milk fat, you will remove the majority of the milk flavor. you can buy the skim milk powder and mix it with water according to the directions on the box and that will keep you from having to keep fresh on hand.
I would not spray paint them, but that is just my opinion.Have you tried covering them royal icing or dipping them in white chocolate? either of these methods should work and be faily easy.
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