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hi there cake experts. i have an order for cake and cupcakes for 500 people. does anyone have a creative idea for combining the two. for example i will use a full sheet cake for base and i wanted to create some sort of tier to display cupcakes.any ideas??? cake is for an anniversary.S.
I don't know if available in your area, but Duncan Hines has a Red Cake mix. It's a great product, prepared right it tastes like homemade. Otherwise I would go from scratch. I agree with using the chocolate mix, that's actually how most recipes from scratch are made using cocoa, and then red food color. Might want to go with gel food color not liquid (more concentrated).S.
Hello out there;I'm looking for tips on a rectangular shaped tiered cake. my bottom layer is 12x18x2, and the top is 11x15x2. The cake is for 75 people, and I know a 2-layer 12x18 would be enough, but I wanted to create some dimension. I'm wondering if I should use a square pan and place it in a diamond shape atop the bottem layer. would that be a more interesting look? what do you think?S.
Thanks for your input. I think if she goes with the cheesecake and fresh strawberries, I will use a buttercream slightly tinted in ivory coloring with a hint of citrus flavor. I'll have to experiment and get some feedback from a few taste testers.
there are a couple ways to stack your cakes depending on whether your just stacking layers or tiers. you should use seperator plates if you're stacking tiers. the plates are molded to fit pegs or tier posts. also when stacking without the raised tier look you should also use a cardboard cake board (same size as cake). It's probably best to stack when your cake is cold and the icing is firm and in place. hope I'm explaining this well. if not I think there is a more...
Hello everyone,I will be preparing my first "real" wedding cake in the Fall. I say real because I have only so far decorated and assembled "dummy cakes". I'm very confident as I have been baking for friends and family for a while. the person for whom I am baking has asked for a layer of cheesecake between the cake layers with fresh strawberries. this seems like it would make the cake pretty heavy, and expensive (not that I have a problem with that part ) I made a...
Thank you so much. your reply is very helpful.
[quote="MrsMissey"]Here are two from She has a ton of recipes on her should check it out!you, thank you
thank you so much. it's nice to have access to such a great site to obtain the knowledge and expertise of so many people willing to provide information
hello everyone,does anyone have a recipe for Bavarian creme or can you provide a source for purchasing large quantities of this item and other fillings?Thank you
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