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I think the "wavy" makes the water look real--I think it would have changed the whole look of it if it were smooth...looks great!
Have a question from a fellow decorator in Hawaii--but not related to cakes!! I am looking for an authentic baby doll from Hawaii for a little girls' first birthday!! Anyone out there that can help with some info?? Thanks!!
The baby has to be included somehow-I thought about having 2 baby bottles-one on each side and a baby with one of them and his name and a "bottle" of Corona which is what she drinks in the middle-saying "from one bottle to the other and back again"...something along that line.....
Hello everyone-happy Tuesday and hope all are well! I have gotten an order today for a girls 21st birthday cake-BUT---her mother wants something on it regarding the girls newborn baby boy--I hate to put a wine bottle, etc on it with a baby--just a little quirk of mine about mixing things---any ideas are greatly appreciated-it will be a 9x13 so I really don't have alot of room....I do appreciate your input!
I agree with Doug-taking the time to verbally express your thoughts will mean alot to your friends-the food later will be very much appreciated, I know I did when I lost my mother-"life has to go on" but you don't feel much like going through it so fixing dinner or something in a few days after all the busy work is done and your friends have time to sit and think will be a comfort.
I agree-do the daughters cake and let her realize the mistake!!! And I am sure there will be others that will try the cake and truly wish she had used you for the wedding!!!! Some people just have to learn things the hard way....And I am so sorry to hear about your father.
She will get what she pays for-pun intended-nothing for nothing is still a nothing!! It's a shame it may ruin the childs birthday but she will learn it-it's like me making my son's fiance's wedding dress-I sew but not well enough to make that kind of dress-but I'm smart enough to realize it and not attempt it!!
Oct 21 or Oct 28 if you would like to get together at my home in Louisville-either is ok by me-I will go with majority! A couple have already said what date they prefer!
I feel your pain!! I have alot of customers come over and we talk about what they want, look at books, pictures, etc. I get so nervous about it but not about that part. I know they are checking out my home to make sure it is clean, we all do when we go into a store-if it is not up to my cleanliness standards I don't go back so I make sure (I do overkill I am sure!) everything is up to par before they get there! She is probably that way too-I'm not trying to make...
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