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Hello, i'm looking to buy packs for 4 jumbo cupcakes (plastic) but seems like everything I find is too short 3" highest ones i've found are 3.25 I need something taller, does anyone know where I can buy some? they might have most of what you are needing
One other option would be to ask her if she would like it delivered shortly prior to cutting like a "grand entrance" kind of like when Buddy delivers his cakes that way you can keep it in the refrigerator as long as possible. I had that issue and the bride decided for us to deliver her 300 cupcakes during her ceremony so when reception started they were all there and got eaten up pretty quick. Good Luck... Other than that I just tell my customers 'THE ICING WILL NOT HOLD...
I would do the same, stack your cake, make sure it is cold and your buttercream is crusted than pipe a thin strip of buttercream around it and use your pinky to smooth it all the way around while turning your turn table should work smoothly.
I have mixed in some silver airbrush in mine and it gives a little sparkle but no where near the actual color, I think anything you try to add to make it gold will either ruine it or make it taste bad you need large quantities.
Hello, I use mine only with modeling chocolate have never been able to use fondant or gumpaste. works amazing once you get the hang of it. I use it mostly for font but i've done a lot of chocolate cutting with it. there is a Buz Lightyear cake in my album and migth be an other cake with baby blocks those were all cut with cricut
Yes, you can't leave it that long just a few minutes. You can also use parchment paper paper or a sponge paint roller. I'd be glad to mail you a roll shouldn't cost much and it will last you quite a while.
i think that should have been something to talk about at the consultation not a week before the wedding. Airbrush will solve this not sure you have time to order supplies for it but it takes way less color and will give you the tone you want. Yo DO want to tell her that everyone's mouth will be blue!!! let her decide what she wants you to do.Good Luck
TOTALLY AGREE WITH CAKESBYCATHY.. THAT IS THE BEST RESPONSE YOU CAN GIVE HER and does not leave her a chance to respond, i feel, you are basically ending the email and being very polite about do NOT want a customer like that it will only bring more trouble. Good Luck!
Planet cake just posted one on their facebook you should see if they have more pics its Awesome!
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