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I have the large extruder used by Jennifer Dontz for her cake decorating. I've never used (became disabled before was able to use it). If anyone is interested I paid $80 for it and am asking $45. Please email me to or call me at 973-641-9920. I will be able to ship it if necessary.   Miriam Rothstein  
After planning for a long time to make the delicious Italian Buttercream, I followed the instructions thoroughly; it came out beautiful and delicious. Because I needed it for the following day, I placed it in my fridge. Obviously when I took it out, the butter in it has made it very hard. Now, here's my problem: I did not have time to waste so I tried to "re-mix" it. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! It started to sort of bleed out the fat and the more I drained it the more liquid came out...
I've tried to get a tutorial that was in this board but apparently has been removed. I'd appreciate if anyone has it and can forward or post it for me. Thanks very much.
Thanks Tokazodo!!!!!!
I haven't used my heart shape cake pans for years. I need to bake TONIGHT a cake for 40 people. Which pan size should I use?
I am having problems with my fondant like never before. After working w/fondant for quite a few years; I don't know what is happening MY FONDANT KEEPS TEARING AND GETTING DRYING OUT!I decorating a 10" cake 5" high the fondant keeps tearing from the top, on the sides w/little cracks where the buttercream comes out from. I used Wilton fondant which I find hard to work with 5# were ruined! Got into my car about 3:30 yesterday to travel 2 hrs back & forth to get Satin Ice I...
Thank you soo much to everyone who answered my question. I think I got excellent ideas. GOD BLESS!
After being absent from the forums for a very long time, I've noticed the word "cricut" included in the techniques, can somebody explain me what it means? Tks
Cake is for March 6th, I'M AT THE HOSPITAL SINCE YESTERDAY! Cake, frosting, filling are ready; but yesterday shoveled snow and ended up in the hospital. I need some advise as to how to prepare the silhouettes (LOOK AT THE ATTACHMENT BELOW). Any ideas as to how to create/dry out them? They're supposed to be stocked on top of the cake which is supposed to be the dancing floor. Thanks for any advise. P.S. I HOPE TO GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL TOMORROW.......thank you
First step, prepare the board. Roll fondant the right size and lightly moist the board with water proceeding to cover it. Smooth fondant and with an exacto knife shave the edges where the fondant is sticking out. Now with the small rolling pin rub the border of the top part of the foam dummy - this is to smooth the sharp edge which might ruin the fondant. Roll out the fondant for the dummy and again lightly brush it with water. I use my big rolling pin to transfer the...
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