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Thank you!
Thanks everyone!  The heat sealer is a great idea but I don't have one ..maybe time to invest!
Thanks you guys .. I didn't see any expiration date on the bag .. It's in a long plastic sleeve tube type thing .. like, over a foot long!  I have it in a ziploc gallon bag in the fridge right now .. If I froze it, would I just toss it in the freezer in the ziploc bag?
I bought some bagged raspberry filling from my local cake store .. I filled two cakes with it today (to be served on Sunday, 2 days from now)  I have a TON of this filling left over .. How long will this last me before it goes bad?  Also, the cake filling should be fine for two days in the fridge, right?  Thanks!
Thank you.
My question is now, that the cookies are going to be frozen before being decorated, then thawed and decorated early this week, and HALF of them need to be refrozen for another two weeks .. where as before I just baked, iced, and froze ..  So I was wondering if it's ok to freeze and thaw all the cookies, then re freeze half of them for a second time after being decorated.
Would it be alright to bake cookies on Friday, freeze until Tuesday (thaw) decorate half to pass out, and then REFREEZE the other half after I've decorated them?  They won't be passed out for another two weeks ... I'll be using NFSC with antonia's icing recipe ..
So you freeze your cookies twice, once before baking and then again after baking?  I've frozen iced cookies before, but they were all white .. with no other colors on them .. so I had good luck with that, but never tried it with intricate designs or colors.
Thanks so much for the replies!  Glad to hear the cookies should be ok that long .. I can't do the "wild" hearts, as she said no black icing due to her daughter eating them too .. But I do like the second link, lots of cute ideas there!  Thanks everyone!
Ok, I have a cookie bouquet order for next week .. My only day to bake is on Friday (1st), and she wants to pick up the order on Tuesday (5th) for her anniversary on Thursday (7th)  Will the cookies remain fresh un-iced until Sunday or Monday, and if so, will they still be fresh to eat on Thursday almost a week later?    Also, she asked for hearts and lips .. my only thought on this is .. valentiney look .. is there any way to do these shapes without it looking so...
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