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      I will be doing a tree trunk wedding cake in a few weeks and would like any tips on how to achieve this look.  How do you think the coloration was achieved?
Thanks Jan. When will it be operating?
I have a bride that would like this technique on one of the layers of her cake. I need help in figuring out how it was achieved. If it is an impression mat which do you think it is? Hope my friends here at CC can help me out.
My cakes after years of baking have begun sticking when I turn them out from baking. Has Crisco changed? Any ideas on the problem?
I figured you will need about 10 -12 lbs. Hope this helps.
I lvoe mine. At first it took me a few weeks to just get the hang of it but since it has worked beautifully. At first I went with fondant and Wilton gumpaste, but found making my own gumpaste worked much better. The kind made with egg whites and gum. I roll it thin and place it in the freezer a while. Also, make sure your blade is clean each time. Good luck and have fun.
I generally put the number of inches the cake on the top is. So for the 14" I would place 10 dowels. I space mine 2 1/2" apart, Mayble I overdo it but they have all arrived in one piece. Better safe than sorry, I say. Good luck.
What section of the grocery is the Bettercream found in?
Has anyone tried to make sugar rocks using royal icing that is mixed in with hot sugar syrup? If so how do they look? Any hints on making them?
I recently read where some people use piping gel under the crumb coat. I have never done this and was wondering if any of you have and what were the results? Also, what is the reason for doing this? Thanks, I am always open to trying something new.
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