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Since ganache can be created from bittersweet choc, some sweetening might make it more palatable to some.We should always keep our minds open to new and exciting possibilities.Who knows what creations are just waiting to be discovered by those who dare to add a pinch here or there?
Good links.Make sure to test your candy thermometer EVERY time before you use it by putting it in boiling water and reading the temp.Since water boils at 212 degrees you should adjust the temp you are cooking to in your recipe by the amount your thermometer reads either higher or lower.For instance, if your marshmallow creme recipe calls for you to cook the syrup to 236 degrees, and your thermometer registered 214 when you tested it in boiling water - you would need to...
The ribbon is stunning.The cake without it is also beautiful - so I guess the call would have to be made by thinking about the decorating stlye of the bride.Does her dress have simple lines or some flair?Are they using ribbons on the flower arrangements?My personal taste is to put the ribbon on - as so many here have stated.Your cake will be a winner either way.
Is it tough to cut a cake wrapped with this?Does it set up hard - like chocolate usually does, and you have to saw through it? Or do you add some shortening to the melted chocolate to keep it softer?
For taste - you can't beat Toba Garrett's recipe, but it takes a little extra time since you have to make a separate ganache and fold it in. But it's worth it for special occasions.I have increased the shortening and decreased the butter in warm weather with success, too. But instead of the chocolate liquor - I use strong coffee laced with vanilla. yumBut in the easy variety - I like the Hershey Syrup recipe that is here on CC.
Oh man - just thinking about Red Velvet Cake makes me a little dizzy.... lolSeriously, though, I had a reaction - the doc said probably to the massive amount of red food dye - and ended up in the ER.Now I appreciate it from afar. Good luck though....they are very pretty cakes.
I like Satinice.I was not fond of Wilton's or of FondX. I liked the smell of FondX, but the bride and groom nearly needed a chainsaw to cut through it. And the taste was too chemical for me.I've heard Chocopan and White Chocolate Chocopan are really great. I want to try them soon.
Can you add some Paramount Crystals to keep it from being so brittle?
None of my family will eat cake balls, and I have to admit I think they're kind of icky, too.But a good trifle can be made with so many different ingredients - plus any leftover cake.
I think we're all going to need some pictures of this fun-sounding cupcake - and the recipe.Would it help to refrigerate the iced cupcake? Maybe if the icing is cooler - the dipped chocolate will harden better.I'm thinking of Dairy Queen dipped cones. lol
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