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In my experience: I give my customers as many options as I am able to, taken that we only work in fondant. Most times they ask me if buttercream or whip cream are less expensive. The truth is that they are but we unfortunately do not work with those. I always give them the option of cupcakes (which we do tons of). But we always let the customer decide.We do have our pricing posted in our website which helps a lot. If they ask for a referral or an icing we do not work...
The best way is to keep it honest. I always think of how I would want the answer to sound if I was the one requesting the cake from another baker with a small budget. Just say as much as we would love to assist that particular design takes around 6-8 hours (for example) and we are unable to do for less than X amount but there are more simpler designs that can be done within your budget. That is when I say...if you do not mind I have a list of bakers that work whip cream...
Hi Everyone,I've seen a few cakes were they have part of a song written in what looks like "fondant cut outs" with the use of some mini calligraphy mold. Has anyone used these in the past or know were I can purchase? Thank you for all your help KarenMichiPS - A sample of the writing can be found in this link:
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