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Many decorators use foam core instead of cake boards to support their cakes.  Foam core can be found at Michaels and other craft stores.  
I make Wilton Gumtex gumpaste using the recipe on the back of the can.  But instead of using 4 cups PS, I add 3 cups PS to the recipe.  The result is a cold gooey tan blob that softens dead gumpaste.  
Try They have frequent sales on Fondx fondant.
I checked out "Pie in the Sky" by Susan Purdy from the local library. In her book, she includes charts for baking at any altitude. Her cake recipes are delicious.
Magic Line all the way. sells bling ribbon
Try contacting and ask if they will replay the Tulip Tutorial by James Rosselle. They feature many great cake artists once a month for FREE!
Yikes! Beautiful but expensive. Check out the new silicone molds from Wilton. They work great, are excellent quality and give a good bang for your buck.
This woman apparently has not heard of private property rights. You own your recipes as intellectual property, and what you do with them is none of her business. Next she'll be demanding that you sign over your house to her, calling you "selfish" if you don't. You've been more than nice to her already. Don't give her anything.
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