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Thank God your shop is ok!! So sorry for your neighbor.
So.. I ended up doing a trillion medium and tiny hot pink flowers with brushed embroidery, tons of vines with curly little thingy's and tiny leaves. She loved it. Kinda ended up looking a little hawaii themed. Will post pics soon.
A long long time ago- at a job far away (my day job), I promised a good friend a birthday cake. Cake is made- 8 inch round and I have NO idea how to decorate it. She loves pooh, and happy bunny- neither which I have time for. I still want it to be impressive (but the non cake makers are easy to impress right??)- but dont have time for pooh or bunny. Her favorite color is pink. Cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. Please- any ideas or pictures would be soo...
I have the wilton mat, and I laminated it. I spread some shortening on it really really thin- no problems so far.
Sounds to me that your cake is maybe slightly overcooking. If your cake pulls far from the edges of the pan then you have overcooked it (even if its just slight.. as far as it being hour glassy-- make sure your cooking on the middle rack.
The time it happened to me- I was using too much oil.
I totally was supposed to make a cake for my dad today.. and I didnt. Im not sure if he was expecting one- but I feel terrible for not making one. Luckily- my dh is so sick of scraps and buttercream balls that he didnt want a cake for fathers day.
I use them to make mini cheesecakes. press the graham cracker crust in the bottom, fill with the cheesecake filling and bake like you would a normal cheesecake- then top with cherry pie filling. My grandma has been making them for me forever and I love them.
You can do all that stuff.. but usually a Wilton instructor will tell you to use classroom buttercream for all the decorations because of safety issues (cream cheese needs refrigeration)Good luck and post pictures
I personally transport the cake, each tier in its own box then assemble once I get to where it needs to be. To risky to travel with the cake already assembled. As far as refrigeration- depends on whats on and in the cake and how soon the event is.
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