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i have a 1977 cake mold that my grandmother handed down to me. i am making a superman cake for my boyfriend and i forgot to pick up the instructions while i was there, hehehehe...anyone have them or know where i can access them?? also any ideas on how to make the 'S' since that cake mold doesn't have it for some reason thanks for all the help!!!
we were thinking more along the lines of sheet cake vs 3-d. but that idea is fabulous except the party is on wednesday. yes...i got a late start but also a late notice. thanks for the help though doug, much appreciated. any ideas for sheet cake?
i have a friend who wants me to make him a martini shaped cake for his birthday. i did a small cake to scale but not too pleased with it. other friends saw the sample cake and said it looked great. does anyone have any ideas as to what i can do? i would like suggestions on not only design but decorating it as well. i would like to make it look like a clear glass with sapphire blue liquid, but not sure how this could be accomplished. i'm having a mental block. please...
Thank you both cake diva and bklynsuze for all your input. I also thought that adding the last layer is what made my transfer stick out. The cake is for friday so hopefully i can upload the pictures soon!
I need some help with BCTs; I have tried twice to do them, and was not pleased with the outcome. For some reason I can't get them to be flat on the cake, mine seem to jump out as in 3-D and sometimes I guess I didn't smooth it out correctly and you can see the actual rows where i piped in the color. I have a cake I need to do in two weeks with cowboy boots and hat, and I was thinking of making them out of BCTs. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.thanks, nestle
Sonoma, FBCT stands for frozen buttercream transfer.
My husband's grandmother is turning 87 years old this weekend. My husband wants me to bake her a cake. Here is my dilemma.... I want to bake the cake here, since she lives in New Mexico and I don't want to deal with the altitude issues. We are flying out on Friday 4/7. The flight is about 3 hrs long then we have a 2 hr drive to get to her house. I was thinking of baking and icing the cake and using a cake box to transport it (carrying it on my lap of course). The...
Jenn 123, I would have loved to save time on these, but my friend is very exacting. She didn't want the faces or pillow made out of buttercream, she wanted it just like the book only all in pink. But yes, if the person you are making them for isn't particular, then I would do BC as much as I could.
Jenn 123, Since these were for my best friend I only charged her $35.00. My husband said I better not charge that for anyone else. It was a lot of work. The good thing about this occasion was she knew she was having a girl and so she wanted all the blankets pink. So something all in one color and using MMF I would charge $1.50 per cupcake. If it requires the blankies in different colors then I would do $2.00 per cupcake. Using MMF really cuts your cost and the taste...
thank you cake fairy!!!!!!!!!I will definately try that next time, although now that I saw the post on the chocolate transfers that squirrelly cakes posted I may try that as well.
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