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hobby lobby and micheal's both carry clay guns. They are clay extruders intended for use the polymer clay. They work really well with fondant and gumpaste.
I didn't realize the idea was to actually pipe the cornelli lace, I thought it was to avoid piping at all.
I am printing the recipe now. I will make these to take to a family reunion this weekend. Thanks for the great idea.
Wilton makes a lettering kit too. I have several of the press kits, but not the lettering one. It's called Make-Any-Message Lettering kit. Here's a link. I've seen it at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. printed out Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary all the names in my family on a 5x7 sheet of paper and slid it in my practice board. I'm still not...
That's 1/4 cup per cupcake...I'll bet you have loads left. Time to make another cake!!!
My DH is diabetic. Anytime I make a recipe for him, I use 1/4 of the sugar called for in the recipe and about the other 3/4 of the sugar I replace with Splenda. But I agree with JoAnnB, and IMHO, Splenda actually tastes sweeter to me than sugar, so sometimes I reduce the splenda amount a little. You need some sugar in the recipe for it to bake right...artificial sweeteners just don't rise the same. Splenda is the best I've tried, but the cakes I've made without at...
I use this enhanced cake recipe from CC. I don't do much fondant either... HTH
I don't think I'd go with ganache personally if you don't want it too sweet. If they like peanut butter, I've used the following recipe as a filling with cream cheese icing. It was too much for me as a frosting...but just right as a filling and it is wonderful on either chocolate or butter cakes (or your finger). my niece's graduation I made a chocolate cake with Rasberry Mouse...
"Simple mistake" just doesn't fly with me. Removing a watermark is time consuming and intentional. I don't feel sorry for anyone losing business if they behave badly. I'm part of the "mob" that says you can use my pictures if you ask, expecially if you live in another state. I don't do this for a living, but I sure work hard at it. JMHO
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