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wow, i think it turned out great! i LOVE the sprinkler & the huge dandelion leaves!!!
saving this for when i have time to check out all these great videos - great thread idea!
wow, i just ran across this topic....mine is feel free to invite me to be ur friend
I heard this on the news this morning so I got online and sure enough... Cake Decorating Day to you all!!!! Wish I had known, I woulda baked a cake to celebrate!!!
No, Duff is in Baltimore MD....but still, i expected more
oh wow, that's nice that u were chosen out of 200! congrats! and u're right, that's great advertisement....nice cake!
$30?! that's robbery! like they couldn't afford to pay u more!
i know, i wasn't too's a great cake, don't get me wrong, but i figure they paid a couple grand for it....i would have LOVED to have gotten that order!!!
thx EmilyGrace - that's it! it's cute - and now that i look at it on pause, the landscape scene might be hand painted on in a simple design, with just the 20th anniversary part on the top tier and regis & kelly on top being edible images....cute lil fondant cars and buildings in front
no, that's not the one they showed on the show today from the was a 2 tier (square) with a city landscape around the bottom and a little image plaque of regis and kelly sticking up on top....let me go look for that pic
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