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There is a cake in Margaret Braun's book but no hints on how it is done. I would think make start with a slightly higher than normal topsy turvy cake then carve the top to get the waves. Then cover it. I am thinking the cake is covered in fondant and then the top "wavy lid" is placed separately. After it has had time to dry. To clarify, I have never done one of these cakes so I am just offering suggestions.HTH,Cecilia
I found mine at Hobby Lobby after searching at several Michaels. HTH,Cecilia
Your welcome. Hope you find the stand you need.
The indoor flea markets in Dallas are called bazaars. The large outdoor flea market is Traders Village. The ones I can think of that have quinceanera shops are Plaza Latina Bazaar, Garibaldi Bazaar, Gaston Bazaar or Harry Hines Bazaar. You can also try quinceanera shops on Jefferson or NW Hwy. I found a website that has some quince planning here in Dallas. It's miss quince dallas . c o m without all the spaces.Hope that helps.
Americolor sells a fuschia color. Otherwise look on a color chart online and see what colors you can mix to make fuschia.Cecilia
I would probably start with the student set. I think it has red, black, blue, yellow, green, and orange. There is a post on here that has a sale for the small ones at $.59 each limit 6. If you are using Wilton colors now, replace whichever ones you use the most. It just depends on what kind of cakes you make. My nephews and nieces are in sports so I make sure to have brown for footballs, green for grass, black for lines, and colors of their teams.Hth,Cecilia
Here are a couple:This one you take apart and set the size and cut one at time. FMM ribbon cutter one comes in different sizes but you can cut several strips at a time. The downside is that you would have to buy each different size. this helps. Just search fondant ribbon cutter in any cake store website and it should come...
Thank you Kelley for all your hard work!!!smbegg, to get a tax ID go to the Texas state comptrollers website. HTH,Cecilia
There are two places that offer a 10% discount to Cake Central members. All you do is put cake central as the coupon code. Both websites have many cutters. The websites are oasis supply. com and f o n d a n t s o u r c e . com with out the spaces. Fondant S ou rce is sometimes out of supplies but if you call or email them they can tell you when they will have it in stock or if they have it in stock but just haven't updated the website. There are also many videos on...
It is Single Plate Separator made by Bakery Crafts. It is used to support tiered cakes.
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