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arghhhhhh......I'm starting BC roses tomorrow for a Nov 26th wedding (one week).The recipe I planned on using consists of hi ratio/butter/powd sug/van/meringue powd/Originally i was told that a week to two weeks ahead would be fine for these roses to sit out at ROOM TEMP. I just got an email from a baker acquaintance who said only 2-3 days at ROOM TEMP with this recipe or they need to be refrigerated from the start........ My understanding of the 'science' is that...
I was just about to make a BC recipe (decorator) for my roses. But I read in the fine print underneath that it is only good left out for 3 days??I planned on air drying the roses and keeping them covered to avoid dust, but figured I could make these one week in advance of when I need them. Now I'm questioning same????? the recipe calls for shortening/butter/powd sug/van/meringue powd/ - Am I missing something???
new problem with fountain.......first of all, it's not a Kolor flo - it's a "Magic Fountain"secondly, went to fill it up and play with coloring and noticed there was a leak in the bottom cascade tube. there is a crack almost the length of the plastic tube don't think that can be repaired or can it??????I already let the bride know....she REALLY wants a fountain!
what about blue colored seran wrap???? OR....painting the plastic blue?Any thoughts on that???
hey debi,never thought to try those.....also thought of maybe some type of darker blue seran wrap to line the base.....hmmmmm.....thanks so much!Lis
The bulbs are clear and white. I used the navy gel color. I will look for a light blue light and not tint the water, but I will try the royal blue and's only the bottom of the bowl (the plastic has a squared/diamond look to it..wonder if it's reflecting like a prizm????)thax!
Hello All,I turned on the color flo fountain to make sure it works as well as play around with colors. Bride wants navy blue, so I poured it in the bowl, turned it on, but b/c of the light below, the bottom bowl comes through purple.Should I try to purchase blue bulbs and DON'T tint the water? Anyone with ideas???
when you say 50/50 - what exactly would the measurement be? if i make MMF, then how much modeling clay would I incorporate? Also, do you recommend homemade modeling clay? recipes on CC???
forgot something.....bride also wants writing on this cake.......ideas??
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