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What is the difference between what you posted? IMBC or CCIM? My recipe is simply the hot sugar syrup temp to 245, poured into beaten pasturized egg whites (little sugar added slowly for stability) - beat til cooled - 1.5/2lbs softened butter. Once it comes together, I add the flavoring, such as vanilla and about 8oz cream cheese.....Could you explain what other recipe or process she may be talking about? Just curious... Thank you!
Thank you for sharing your experience. Our ceremony sounds almost identical time wise. I am feeling much better about it at this point esp in reading so much more regarding spoilage, foodborne illness, using pasturized egg whites, cooking it to the hard ball stage, etc., all of which I do. My first wedding cake consisted of one layer filled with IMBC and I had so many requests for the recipe afterward (no one became ill) AND the cake stayed for hours without falling...
Please educate me on what I SHOULD substitute in place of the IMBC which is what my bride and groom insisted upon and then I'll educate YOU on etiquette when replying to such posts.
CC in need of answer quickly!Making wedding cake to be delivered on Sat July 14th. Just happens to be my nephew's wedding so I have to attend and my girls are also in the wedding. The day will be absolutely crazy!The cake is a 4 tiered/white velvet cake/Italian meringue filling/covered in American BC and then covered in Fondx. The top tier is carrot with Italian Meringue Cream cheese filling/covered in Fondx.Wedding begins at 4 PM. Guests will be arriving at reception...
Hello CC,I went to start making my Ital Mer Wht Choc BC icing today and discovered that I purchased MILK choc from Lindt - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!I have called everyone in our area to see if they carry white choc - NOT!!!What possibly can I substitute for a good white choc to use for this recipe? I need about 40 oz of it.....Thank you so much and hope to hear from SOMEone VERY SOON!Lisa
Hello CC,I do not plan on cracking 185 eggs just to get the whites; therefore, I need to purchase liquid egg whites (thanks indydebi).Am I assuming correctly that there are 16 T = to 1 C? Do I use this equation to figure out how many Cups I need of whites to equal 185 eggs?????Are there 2 or 3 T of whites in a large egg?
Hello,I am preparing for a wedding cake in July and have been looking on this site for the cake batter amounts/frosting amounts and fondant amounts for pan sizes:14" Round/2" deep pan - 5" high Tier11" Round/2" deep pan - 4" high Tier8" Round/2" deep pan - 2 1/2 " high Tier5" Round/2" deep pan - 5" high TierI thought I had this infor on paper but cannot locate same. Can anyone help me find the post/site or their own personal experience?As always, thank you CC!!!
most ppl that i bake for like a lot more than just a crumb coat - that's where my prob comes in b/c i want to add extra frosting, but that's where the fondant doesn't come out looking neat and pressed tightly enough against the cake????
I was wondering if anyone else experiences this....when i cover with fondant, i obviously have a crumb coat, chilled, then put another layer of frosting over, then cover in fondant BUT the fondant just doesn't seem to look as 'tight' on the cake....almost as if I shouldn't bother putting the 2nd coat of frosting over the crumb coat....i hope this is making sense can the fondant stick to a cake that has been chilled? or does the frosting have to be 'wet' in order for...
yes, bride is actually my nephew's fiance! she is letting it completely up to me.....thanks so much for the site!
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