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yes, bride is actually my nephew's fiance! she is letting it completely up to me.....thanks so much for the site!
I am doing a wedding cake for summer - white fondant/yellow swiss dots/history blue ribbon/yellow&white gumpaste ranunculas.I would like to surprise the bride when she cuts the cake to have varying layers of cake color. But aside from yellow and white.....not sure I want to add blue....idk.....need some creative minds from CC to help me out!
Would like some tips or ideas on pan sizes for wedding cake to serve 150 ppl. Bride wants it to be 4 tiered and figured up 6-8-10-12 but that only comes to 135 ppl......she doesn't want sheet cakes either.....Ideas? Suggestions? lis
Thanks to all - I realize it's ultimately up to me; still such a rookie at this business I'm feeling overwhelmed.I'm working on the time expected, ingreds, etc. to give myself a rough idea, was just curious what others charge etc.This cake will have fondant/choc/wht/BC layers- no special flavors.....gumpaste ranunculas and using the same design, size.I'll see what I come up with and then check back in.....again, thank you so much - all of you are an inspiration to me!Lis
This cake was featured in TheKnot by Confections on the Coast. I have a bride who wants this cake, with a few of her own personal additions but I'm not sure how I should go about charging for this one?I did my first wedding cake this past November and charged $2.50/slice (I live in a small town in Central PA) but ended up putting at least an extra $600 into it - I really miscalculated on that one and made no profit!I would so much appreciate advice from CC on what is the...
Hello CC! A. I want to tint white chocolate pale pink. Question 1: Do I just add CANDY food coloring during the melting process? B. I want to use this pink colored chocolate to make curls for on top of a cupcake. Question 2: Do I just let the melted chocolate harden, then shave? Any and all ideas/advice would be so much appreciated!Thank you All!
this is going to sound crazy b/c I just did a wedding cake for 225 ppl and yet I am drawing a complete blank right now!!!I was asked to do a birthday cake for 35 ppl - the girl is turning 12 and can you believe that I can't figure out how many tiers should I make it or how high I should stack it????? i was thinking on just 2 tiers and stacking it no higher than 3 inches???? does that sound about right????it must be the menopause!!!!! Thanks CC!!!!!
Well I have FINALLY begun my first wedding cake - all are baked with the exception of the largest 16".QUESTION: How much frosting in Cups do I need to crumb coat and cover the following:16" round x 3 H12" round by 3 2- 9" rounds x 38" round x 36" round x 32-5" rounds x 3I'll be getting that ready tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help!
Again, thank you and my apologies for repeating my forum post, but my email was not bringing in notices due to virus; therefore, when I RE-posted, I hadn't checked my first thread.....All of this information was very helpful and I am truly grateful for this site and its members!
i've not been receiving emails on any replies from CC. I just now read from my earlier post on this subject - sorry!!!! I'm just going for it...worse case scenario I'll make them fresh the day before.......Thank you everyone for your replies and patience!!!!
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