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Hello,   My customer wants a white bc/ 3 tier round wedding cake with white/silver sheen gelatin bubbles....Here is the pic.   Question - see those tiny, teensy bubbles?????  Need some advice on what to use for those - fondant balls painted with the luster dust or ??????   Thank you so much CC!   L
next question on this same cake......I only need to serve approximately 20 ppl and customer wants the "50" shaped cake......   2 - 11.x15 sheet pan OR 1 - 11x15 sheet pan, cut in half, stacked ?
this is why i love CC!  I love the WASC recipe so may go with that one and the choc for frosting/filling sounds so good....hope that the choco won't show thru the fondant...........   Thank you!!
Hello.   I'm baking a number 50 cake wherein one cake must be cherry.  customer doesn't care what flavor of frosting, but I've never made a cherry flavored cake before and haven't a clue what flavor of frosting would suit best??  Soooo....   1.  Please share a dense, carvable cherry cake recipe 2.  Please share a frosting that would go well with cherry cake   Thank you so much CC !!!
I need 11 boxes of this cake mix but don't want to spend close to $4 per box!!! Does anyone know a link where I can save $$ on DH in bulk? Or even if anyone knows stores I can order online?THank you!L
I am trying to match up a color which I will try and attach with this post. The color is from a paint swatch by Olympic paints - "Peppered Pecan". I was wondering if the "tan" color would be a close match? This PP appears to look more of a tan khaki.What does anyone think?
looking for the best almond extract or flavoring for a white cake. any suggestions?
I need some references or sites or tutorials on how to make a Superman figurine from gumpaste. I've seen some that have been done and could try and do it by visual but would like to watch a tutorial from beginning to end.Does anyone know where I might be able to find this infor?
Thanks - I'm thinking of going all IMBC too! I'll post pics so all my 'mentors' on here can see the results!
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