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Thank you so much everyone!  So glad I checked this out first....think it's a little ridiculous for those of us who are not trying to 'steal' anything, but whatever!  I'm a rule follower!
That's what I needed to know!  Thank you.  Just out of are others getting away with creating these Disney cakes - they are all OVER the internet!!!!
So glad I asked!  I do not do this as a business - this 'client' is a friend of a friend. I've sculpted cakes before, bugs, cars, etc. so I'm not new to the field, BUT I am assuming that I still canNOT do the Mickey due to copyright issues?   Also, my plan was to make this in a smaller version.  Possibly just his head on the cake?   
sorry, pic would go thru....let me try again...
Hello CC !   Here is a pic of a cake I'd like to do for a 2 year old bday.  Only need to feed roughly 20 ppl.  Mom only wants to spend $100.   1.   Should I do Mickey out of rice krispy covered in fondant? 2.   Gift box could be the actual cake 3.   In your opinion, how difficult or time consuming would Mickey be?    Any other ideas to make this cake under $100 ?   Thank you!!!!
Thank you so much for the input!
Hello Board,   I tried searching for a thread for my question with no luck.  I am trying to figure out how I determine what to charge per hour for gumpaste/fondant work such as flowers, figures, etc.   I've always struggled with this as I have NO clue how to put a dollar amount to my work?  Note that I do not do this as a business at this point and time but more as a hobby for friends, family, etc.  I've been doing it for several years now and do wedding cakes, etc.  I...
Ooooooo...never thought of that.... ..... here would be my dilema....I'm trying to replace the dry pudding mix for a cake recipe, so what portion of the liquid would I use???
Hello,   I cannot locate Pumpkin Pie pudding mix - out of stock everywhere, any advice as to how I could possibly replicate the flavor????   Vanilla pudding + ????????   Thanks CC!
Yes Dora, just a drawing but the dowels won't be in that 'exact' position.  Thank you! was just a drawing; doing it roughly to get an idea of the dowel concept/look; I'm only using 6-6" satellites...thahk you.ll
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