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Yes Dora, just a drawing but the dowels won't be in that 'exact' position.  Thank you! was just a drawing; doing it roughly to get an idea of the dowel concept/look; I'm only using 6-6" satellites...thahk you.ll
Shanter,   I apologize that I don't think I thanked you for your help and advice!  Especially enlarging the cake to where I can ACTUALLY see it!  My software doesn't allow that.   I did convince the bride that fondant would be much easier (less practice for me over the holiday).    Again, my apologies b/c I do very much appreciate your help!   Tal
Thank you all so much!  I might be confused so let me reiterate about the dowels in the satellite cakes:   Styrofoam center (basically holds the tier above?) 6 or 7 6" satellites if using large dowel, 1 dowel where the top of the 6" satellite meets the bottom of the (edge) of the styrofoam center?   if using small dowel, 2 dowels...  
Hello CC!   I am posting a pic of a cake wherein I'd like to use the bottom 6" cakes in an upcoming wedding cake (2 weeks).   My thought was to use 6 (?) bottom cakes instead of a 12" round, but how do I support the upper tiers?  I planned on 12" 10" 8" 6" ?   Thank you so much!   tal
now I'm getting nervous.....didn't put much thought into bc vs fondant...LOVE to work with ALL of you, thank you so much!   Kiki....I will most def talk to her about the bc v fondant and how diff it may look... K8....I figured Id have to practice this one - figures it's during the holiday season  Krypto...I will also show her that cake
All great ideas.....bride just informed me she does NOT want fondant, all BC.  Not concerned about placing the bigger sized balls, but the nonp's .....  .... could I use the 'fondant glue' in a spray bottle?  I could 'spray' on the glue, then shake the nonp's over each tier ??
Thanks so much Shanter!
Hello CC!  Hope all is well with you!   I have a cake that a bride wants me to do for her on New Year's Eve.  I am trying to figure out what technique would work to place those nonperils (thanks to another CC member's opinion of what they are).......   First thought would be roll out very thin layer of fondant, use some type of edible spray glue (is there such a thing?) and then just SHAKE, SHAKE AND SHAKE?????   Your advice would be greatly...
how would I apply nonperils on each layer like this pic?  would i cut out a fondant drape effect, use piping gel or some type of 'glue' and just shake, shake, shake????
I guess I could go with either....sooo tiny - can't image trying to hand make them out of fondant/gumpaste...hmmmm.... nonperils would be easier - I think ??   Would you make gelatin bubbles or would you make them out of fondant/gumpaste???  I've never tried the bubbles myself......   "boils" - HAHAHA - I needed a good laugh tonight   Thank you!!!! 
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