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I've been reading thru the posts on the pouring  beer mug using the sugar syrup and the dowels, but I'd really like a detailed instruction on how to make the beer 'stream' look more curved - if that makes any sense?      1.  Some use wire, but what kind of wire?  2.  How would I hold the wire or attach the wire into the can? 3.  If using a dowel, do you use the thinner white plastic or the wider white plastic?  4.  Does anyone have a reliable sugar syrup recipe to...
Thank you so much!  Not confusing at all - best start practicing today!!
Hello, I would like to know how to make this 'ruffle' look on cupcakes.  Mine NEVER turn out this smooth and delicate.  Is there a up and down movement with the bag ?  I think it's the 1M tip, correct?   Thank you!
Well, I have decided to go with a 12x18 sheet pan. We are now looking at 80 guests BUT I am also making a separate 4 tiered cake, so now I need a different opinion.  For extra servings (does not have to feed 80, probably more like 65ish ppl, should I"   1.  Make 2 12x18 cakes - torte each - fill - stack all four layers (WOW, that would be high)       If so, what size do I cut?    OR   2.  Make 1 12x18 cake - torte - fill - end up with 4" high cake       If so, what... oven? NOT...I use my church basement's oven for that size.  I'll check into parchment collars for next time sheet cake baking!      thanks so much !
might be short on time to order so I may try adding more batter...that sounds feasible.  Thank you!
I have never even heard of such a thing?  Where can I purchase this bakeable cardboard?
I am sure this is probably on here at CC,  but I can't find a thread on it....   I am baking a 16x24 sheet pan (14C batter). spread it out evenly, bake lower temp with flower nail, etc.  BUT the corners always end up sinking; therefore, getting less slices.   Any ideas or referrals to a post that can answer this issue?   Thank you tal
Thanks so much everyone !
I am baking a pill bottle cake for a 70th bday party.  I would like to use candy pill capsules and have seen them but can't find any place to order them.   Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could  make these candy capsultes?  I've seen the clear capsule shell, if you will, filled with dragees and nonpareils.    Any ideas would be so helpful!   Thank you,   tal
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