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Thank you EVERYONE for your tips. I think for this time, I'll get the Americolor - never tried it before anyway.Again, thanks so much - I'll post the cake pics!Lisa
Can you believe I found JUST the helmet - on eBay! Should have known to look there first - funny thing is, I'm the only bidder, winner and looker!!!! Not too many out there looking for JUST a fire helmet - LOL!!!Thanks so much for your input!Lis
Does anyone have any tips on using red for a fire truck. I really want it to be bright, but does it take usually the whole jar or could I add another color to the red to brighten/darken it faster?Thank you again!lisa
I am trying to find a small, Ken doll size fire helmet to use as an accessory on a fire engine cake I plan on making.I am using Ken boots and want to place the helmet over the boots, but I cannot find anything that size.Would any of you recommend making a helmet from fondant? Does anyone know of any molds that have been seen?Thank you so much!Lisa
Hello All. I'm sure this has already been answered, but I can't seem to find itI would like to make a 3 tiered wonky cake, but need instructs that are CLEAR being this would be my first time.....I like the shape of the cake (at least the base) to be that of a "hat" , like the madhatter,...........does this make any sense......any suggestions or links would be so helpful!thanks a million!Lisa
All of your responses are so greatly appreciated! It's no wonder why I just LOVE this site!!!Now that I know the difference, it's time to PLAY!!! In fact, I'm signing up for a fondant/gumpaste class soon.Thanks again so much and I hope if I have other questions, I can just ask.......Lisa
What is the difference between Fondant and gum paste? Is there a homemade recipe for gumpaste as there is for fondant? OR does bought gumpaste taste good???Thanks,lisa
Dah......why have I been doing it this way for so long and wasting all those bags?!?!?!?! Thanks so much 'Doug'!!!
First of all, thanks to ALL of you who responded; great tips (no pun intended)! This may sound stupid, but Question...when I fill up a disposable bag with icing, the coupler and the tip are both inside the bag; am I missing something??? how do I change the tip without changing the bag????
I want to experiment and learn how to decorate with icing using the tips. I can use the basic star or writing tip, but I have literally 100s of tips but don't have any instruction, direction, etc. on how to use them.Does anyone know any books or websites that show step by step instructions on how to use most of these tips??Thanks so much,Lisa
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