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I'm wondering if this would pair well....   Chocolate cake, filled with PB buttercream (American BC with powdered sugar) and covered with IMBC?   Any ideas?   thanks CC!
I hope so; which one do you use?  I've used the 3D durable from CC which is very good and the WASC tweaked for chocolate - good also, but want something better. 
I know, there are hundreds of recipes on here that would answer my request, but I really have no time to try all of them.   I just need to know which chocolate cake recipes have been used the most (if anyone even knows that answer).  I just need a really good moist and durable choc cake that pairs well with a really good peanut butter frosting and there are so many, I am feeling overwhelmed!  The ones I've used in the past have been 'good', but not much different than a...
Oh, never mixed MC with fondant before......hmmmmm.....will have to research that one to see parts to parts.....certainly would taste great!  I normally use bought brand fondant......don't know if I could mix with it....   Thanks!
I am asked to do a beer mug (wood grain style) and have no issue with the wood grain effect, but I am covering the cake in peanut butter buttercream, then covering in fondant.    Opinions please.....should I:   1.  Cover round tier first, then make the impressions, paint, etc.? 2.  Make the impressions, then cover the round tier, then paint, etc.? 3.  OR, should I make the impressions, cut out the rectangular pieces of wood grain (fondant) and apply them separately...
so nervous trying new techniques and yes I will absolutely post a pic - thank you so much for your help !
Jan, Yes I was and silly me - I am very familiar with Craftsy; just wasn't using my brain - haha !  The class looks awesome!   thanks again, Lis
Oh, now that is something I should check out maybe ?
Thank you so much!  Yes, makes sense - will have to try this first before finally doing it - haha!
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