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thank you, I'll have to go there tomorrow..
Forgot to mention, I am coloring fondant
I only have the wilton's pink (rose) and I have gotten fairly close, but it's just not dark enough..If I continue to add color (which I have added a lot) will it eventually get darker or what about adding a dab of red? Thank you for your help!
I agree they are black.  So, I made a small batch of black royal icing and it is a lot darker black then the melts.  Was trying to cut corner here, but obviously not going to work for me.  I am doing stencil work on a cake and want that really deep black.   Thanks for your responses....
I tried adding black coloring to make the a dark black, but that didn't work - it hardened up and became crumbly..   Any suggestions or is the only alternative royal icing?
I just read a thread that you do this on wax paper and transfer to the cake.  But, can you write directly on the cake?
I need to write with black and don' want to color everyone's teeth... I saw the black candy melts and was curious if that would work, but then thought it might be to runny..   thanks for your help
I also use Satin Ice, it is very easy to work with.  I have to order mine online, since we don't have a local cake suppy store that carries it.  I do use wilton for modling, it works well for that, but that's all I use it for.
I tried making my on fondant before, with no success..bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles..but, this looks so simple and easy that I'm going to try it again...wish me luck
No trans fat, just cisco.  But, that is what I have always used...I use Indydebi recipe and have alway had great success with's the scooby doo photo in my albumn, not sure if you can see it or not, but the nose was the most noticable..
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