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thank you! I will stick to it then.
OK, thank you I will go give it a try. Are there ediable paints that work better then airbrush or gel?Linda
Can airbrush color or gel be used to pait on fondant? Shoud the fondant be all the way dry?Linda
I think MomLittr added or posted the Toba Garrett rolled fondant in the recipes, because it is there. Have plenty of extra powdered sugar on hand and add as much as you need while you are kneading it to non-sticky. Thanks again MomLittr Linda
Thank you! Ok, I will call around my area and go with the sprinkle technique! Perfect. Thanks,Linda
Can you buy Luster dust in the store? Can you use it with whip cream frosting? How do you make gold whip cream frosting! My cake is for tomorrow. If I cannot get it, I will leave out the gold but it will look so much better if I can get some gold in there. They want whip cream icing though. Sorry for all the questions and no time. LindaP.S. This website and all of you out there has helped me sooooooo much!
MomLittr, Deb,Thank you for the fondant instructions. I love the Toba Garrett rolled fondant, I tried it on my bottom cake board 3”x 20" and it came out fantastic. There was no sticking, no cracking, it rolled out easy and my friend and I had no problems carrying it from my rolling tabel to the bottom cake board. I came out smooth as silk! I love you and cannot thank you enough. IMHA the taste and texture is way above anything I have tried before. My Son is getting...
MomLittr, Deb,Will you e-mail me the fondant instructions too? I will look into getting the book for Toba Garrett, "The Well Decorated Cake". I do not have time to wait for shipping but will get it. Please send me the fondant recipe and instructions. I have tried all of the above! This is a new one for me and I am still looking for one as good as Satin Ice but affordable. I really appreciate your shearing.
Kiddiekakes  Thank you for your reply, where is the template section? Sorry I am not too good at this. Your cake website if very nice! I love your wedding cookies, and the baptism cross cake is gorgeous. Ciao,Linda
A huge thank you to all of you! I made the seashells out of fondant and they came out great. I could not have done it without all of the experienced tips!I appreciate your replies and this website!Ciao,Linda
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