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Good luck! That sounds like fun, I'd love to see it when you're finished! I'm a pretty big Marley fan myself!
Wow, those are all so amazing!
Ditto. It should definitely be smaller.
I use them just like pp. I usually use 2 in an 11x15"Good luck!
I didn't care for the Kool-Aid trick in the buttercream. It was very bitter, and I would only recommend it if you're doing a small part of a cake with red. If you're using red as your main color, personally, I'd skip the Kool-Aid. I use Americolor, and don't usually have any problems achieving red on the first try. Susies1955 has a great idea I've also done this and been very pleased with the results!I would try it out first, to make sure it will work for you! Good luck!...
I usually wrap it while the icing it still wet, but not *too* wet. It's easier to smooth over if I mess up, and the ribbon sticks to the icing better!
It's my oh-so-eloquent way of being lazy The less I have to wash the 5-qt. bowl, the better
If it were me..I'd use an exacto knife, trace a board with the bear face pan (or whatever pan you're using to make the bear face) and then cut it to fit. Ice the base, ice the bear face, then put the bear face on top. I personally prefer using the board, because I never know how much the cake will settle into the base cake. Not worth the risk, IMO Hope that helps you!
The strawberry gets my approval. It does tint the icing pinkish though, just a tad. I normally use it as a filling only, not as an icing flavor.
That's awesome!! I'm glad they have a stork one too Thanks for letting us know!!Robyn
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