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Hi All,   I'm trying to decide on how to transport a wedding cake.  Normally I use SPS and deliver assembled add fragile décor on site.  But this wedding is 4 hours away in the Rochester Hills, MI area.  It's mostly highway travel from my place.  It's going to be a 6/9/12/15, fondant with crystal banding, ruffles on one tier, gathered with brooch on another, quilt and crystal top, plain middle.    How would you deliver?  It's plain flavors with vanilla...
I think that those of us that have assistants, me included, are still the lead on the decorating process on a wedding. They are one of the most important cakes we do. An assistant may be doing pieces of the cake (baking, torting, applique or pearls etc). Now I can see letting an assistant take the lead and do start to finish a birthday cake, say. In no way would I want to just sit back and sign off on a wedding cake though. Eek! I think a full refund is in order. ...
This happened to me, wasn't my first cake, but it was pretty close and it was a carved odd shape. But every since then I don't care what it takes, it's getting a box!
I've done 1000 cupcakes in my oven...with that much buttercream....not fun. Will NEVER do it again, EVER! If this is not a charity you would donate to, then no. $400 for tent rental or whatever she wants to call it seems excessive to me.
To have it flat on top there is a nut that you can hammer into the hole that the threaded rod will screw into. It's called a t-nut. It has teeth in it I guess. So you still drill 3/8 hole then hammer in a t-nut and thread your rod so it's flush. Khalstead has a kind of similar technique in building a cupcake stand with the threaded rod, I like this though with the PVC pipe! Great stand!
Thank you for that! That helps! If I book this grooms cake then, yes I'll be posting pics in August.
I'm trying to find some reference pics and maybe any tutorials on a the sliced cakes with the slice on top and the inside showing...but finished. KWIM? What is a good wording for that on Google and here? I've tried a few different scenarios and I'm just not getting what I need. Thanks!
When I've made candy apples for my family I just used some Brach's cinnamon disks and water and called it a day. Well now I have a request for 150 of them! Yikes! That seems expensive to do. Would the karo syrup method with cinnamon lorann oil do the trick too? I think that would be less expensive. What do you think?
I did a red/white/blue cake last weekend. She did red velvet throughout her cake. It was great. I guess if she really wants to take it to the nth degree then I think sprinkles would be the best option.
I think it depends on access to said apartment. If it's only accessible by an outside entry then I think it might fly, but if it has an indoor entry then you might run into problems. Best way to find out is to call the inspector.
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