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I am sure I'be asked before, but I can't find the thread now.Any suggestions or ideas for a complimentary filling for a lemon cake? The cake has a light lemon flavor, nothing overpowering, but I need a filling idea. Any suggestions??(Bosses Birthday breakfast tomorrow, and we celebrate everything with cake! )Thank you!
THANK YOU!!! I am laminating this, I am not a color master and quite often get a different shade that I wanted. Thank you both!Hi Petit-four: do you mean that the first color listed in the color combination is the Base color?
I am so glad I found this! Now I don't have to ask the same question. I am gonna try the all recipes version this weekend and I'll report back the findings, if any are left !!
Here is the final product of the 3 little pigs.I ended up charging $1.75 per serving plus piping detail. The original order was scaled down to just 12 servings, so it is smaller that the Wilton cake link. I am finally getting better at the decorating!! I was beginning to think I was addicted to a skill I didn't have! Thank you CCers as always for your confidence in all of us newbies, and your overflowing advice. You really fuel the addiction!
Hi just_desserts: would you consider sharing your White chocolate fondant recipe? or point me in the direction of finding one? I use MMF, but the heat and humidit in OK really makes it too limp.Thank you!
Serious_cakes: do you cover your cakes with this icing as well? do they have to be refridgerated due to cream and butter? Do you have trouble tinting it with the butter?
Thank you! I am always nervous about the pricing as a newbie. I don't want to seem outrageous, but then I don't want to do this for free either!Thank you for the greatest support site on the web for cake decorating!
Hi all,A co-worker, well a boss from another department on campus, asked me about this cake today. She wanted to know what I would charge.I figured at $1.75 per slice that would be 38.50 for the house and 4 characters. But the pigs are in fondant. The local bakery starts at $30 for just the wondermold cake, no extra layer for height (called about the "barbie cake") and the doll pick. I think that's a...
I had a pampered chef party last month and they have these squeeze bottles that you can put decorating tips on and squeeze out the icing that way. They look like the old fabric paint accordian bottles, but are fillable. I think 3 for $10, which is expensive, but easy and clean for the kids. You can order them online if you dont want the hassle of a consultant. Maybe those would help with the decorate your self thought. I think the booth sounds great, and I would be...
Thank you! I am sorry it's taken almost a month to reply back! <> I've got a B in algebra though!!
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