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Check out this recipe and photos.  It pretty much explains it all.
In my opinion this recipe makes a medium density cake (can be carved). It is moist and has a delicate crumb. I never have to use a soaking syrup and I get compliments are how moist and delicious it is. It is even better right from the fridge!
Awesome! It's so important to do what you love and love what you do. Best of luck to you!
I was going to give you the name of the recipe I use that I posted on her a couple of years ago...but it's disappeared! So, here is the recipe. I have halved it, doubled it, forgotten the eggs completely, miscounted the eggs, added more and less butter...and it has never, ever once failed. Vanilla Butter Cake2 sticks unsalted butter, room temp2 cups sugar4 eggs2 3/4 cups AP flour2 1/4 tsp baking powder3/4 tsp salt1 1/4 cups milk1 tsp vanilla1 tsp Creme Bouquet or almond...
Thank you, cakemomof2! I appreciate the info. I don't buy fondant online because the shipping is too high to my FPO address and there are no suppliers where I live. I really like both the MMF and MFF fortunately so if I can get all the ingredients for one of them I'm good. Sometimes it's toss up, too!Thanks again
Must one use commercially prepared fondant with the Cricut? I use only MMF or MFF and do not have commercial brands available. I want to order the Cricut, but not if it won't work for me.Thanks!
I've been thinking of trying it with the meringue powder, now I definitely will. Thanks!
I use only Crisco and it never taste greasy or leaves a greasy feel in the mouth.1 1/3 cups Crisco2 Tbls. clear Vanilla2 Tsps. Creme Bouquet2 lbs powdered sugarabout 1/2 cup milkMix Crisco, vanilla, creme bouquet and 1/4 cup milk until smooth and creamy, about 2 minutes. Add half the powdered sugar and mix on low until incorporated, then beat on medium until creamy. Add a little milk if necessary. Add other half of powdered sugar and mix on low, adding a little milk if...
I was in a situation like this with a medical laboratory job, except my nemesis was the owners son-in-law! So I thought my only option was to resign. When I gave my notice to the owner he asked why and I told him. "Your SIL is a monster and I can no longer work for him". Instead of being told "we'll miss you" he said "sit down and tell me about it". I told him the facts, no emotion, and he listened. Then he told me to please reconsider my resignation because he...
All commercial fondants smell and taste like chemicals to me, except Choco-Pan. I make MFF with white chocolate candy melts and it taste better and cost less than anything I can buy pre-made.
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