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Aye,SugarRush. Such a disappointment. Hosts boring.
No answer SC.
Aye, its dead SC forget it.
See laddie you have plenty of people that want you to stay and are willing to help.
Aye laddie there you have it!
Aye, laddie don't you dare leave this place. That is what everyone is here for to answer questions about those things no one else knows anything about. You stay here and keep asking those questions.
Aye, been off line for a while but it does look pretty good, old chap did a good job did'nt he?
Aye, posts some pics.
Aye my dear you are going to need to know quite a bit because its not that simple. You are going to need the equipment and some type of reference to be able to do this. Mind you professional chefs spend years at this before they get even close to good. Go to they have a how to on roses and the blown swan which you can print out. Aye, do you have a recipe for your sugar I think there is one in the forum. Also Pastry Chef Consultancy Service on the web has an...
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