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You could make little gift tags, like you would find on a holiday or birthday present.  Then "write" the name on it, and place it on the cake.  
White chocolate or a white sour cream cake.  
  No, I would go more with the second definition: a long, vehement speech.   :)
  And that is what made it a tirade to me, the emotion.  I agree it could have been professional and educational with some editing.  But the lack of editing negates it.   What's done is done.  We've all done or said something we wish we could undo or unsay, and that just another way we learn.  
I'm not quite sure what this was supposed to accomplish.  As a former cake business operator, I know the frustration of losing customers to lower prices.  It happened  enough for me to get upset, but never enough for me to take it out on a customer.   As a customer, I would be utterly horrified and angry to receive this.  This was not an email "to educate", but rather a condescending tirade.  It would have been nicer and more professional had you said "Thank you for...
I'm going to use that next time I buy a car.  "You should lower the price because I'm just going to drive it."   To a hairdresser: "Can you charge less? My hair is just going to grow back."   To a hotel: "We're just sleeping.  Room discount?"
No, the Inn owner is grasping at straws.
Yes, it's a scam. The names and dates and places may be different, but it's been sent out a thousand times before.
Just throwing this idea out there:Can you use cupcake liners to match the cake color, then use white frosting for the cupcakes?I'm picturing tiny fondant fishing poles on top. You can pipe a small fishing line from each fishing pole.
I used lollipop sticks. Super strong.
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