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What is a good way to cover a sugar cookie? Ive done the royal icing deal, but any good recipes for something a little creamer? Ive used MMF but didnt really like it. I have a client begging me to do her cookies (normally do cupcakes). So i need a little help!
Anyone have a good vanilla or yellow cake recipe? Need something moist. Last recipe came out so dry!
Anyone have a good recipe for a white frosting that tastes good? Client is very specific on having white frosting. Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestions!! Oh I dont say "im not comfortable" etc was just curious if others have had that happen.
Ok I know this is going to sound odd, but lately a good amount of my clients have been ordering from me, and when I drop off the baked good, invite me to stay for their party. Some people I barely know, except for maybe the person that ordered. I really don't think its professional to do that, and I've nicely declined in the past, but the last person almost seemed disappointed. Any suggestions on how to handle this?
My hubby is graduating this weekend and Im doing his cake. He likes log cabins, moose, and alaska. Any suggestions on designing this cake? I have ideas, but I'm all over the place on this one! : )
Thank you all for responses, and the congratulations. I am soooooo excited, but have a lot of decisions to make...everyone's input was very helpful. Thanks again!
So I just got engaged...and everyone keeps asking me...are you going to do your own cake? (I am a cake decorator and an instructor) Just wondering fellow cake decorators, have you done your own wedding cake, or had a fellow cake decorator do it for your wedding or special event. I chuckle when they ask me...but I was just curious. : )
A friend of mine works for a marketing firm (Beloved Experiential) in Orlando, Florida, and sometimes I do some work for them. Anyways, they are looking for someone to bake them cookies for a marketing promotion sometime next month. They need the cookies to have their logo on them (edible image, etc.). They need someone in or around the New York City area. I am located in Cleveland, Ohio, otherwise I would take the business. If anyone is interested in this potential...
I got an order today for a going away / birthday cake. The individual wants it to be camouflage with glitter using fondant. Any tips on how to make the camouflage colored fondant? I dont think I've ever done anything like this before. Any tips? Thanks!
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