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Can MMF cover cream cheese frosting? Or will it not stick like it would w/ BC? I have a bridal shower cake and the bride's favorite frosting is cream cheese but they want it decorated in fondant (polka dot design). Thanks!!
If you're nervous about the fondant, you can use BC and smooth it out with a Viva paper towel. In my pictures there is my first wedding cake which the bride said "NO FONDANT" on but wanted it to look like fondant. It is BC smoothed over and over again by a viva paper towel!
Yay Hoosiers! I'm in Westfield/Noblesville area!
When a recipe calls for white sugar, is it talking about powdered sugar or granulated sugar?TIA!!
Oh yeah....and I have more questions I use doctored cake mixes - How many boxes does it take for a half sheet (whatever size that is!) ?How much do you usually charge for a basic sheet cake?Thanks everybody!!
Thanks for the responces!Anyone else have an idea?
I've never done a sheet cake before.What are the dimensions of the various sheet cakes? ( is a full sheet the 12x18 pan?)What is the general serving guide for sheet cakes?Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
If a box calls for 3 eggs, I would put 4 eggs into the batter.So it would be box recipe + 1.
I 2nd NEWTODECORATING's recipe. I've used it before also and everybody loves it.
Oh and did I mention that after I had spent all this time setting up the cake table and got it all filled and looking wonderful, someone from the groom's side of the family came in AFTER all the guests had started to arrive and MOVED some of my stuff out of the way and put a GROCERY STORE half sheet for the "groom's cake" right in front of the cake I had just spent hours putting together??!!?! Oooo I was mad.
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