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my hubby purchased one for me as a birthday gift- I had thoiught it would make smoothing easier-unfortunately it just stalls with any pressue applied-it is more for display or piping as mentioned by bcjean- although mine is a nice heavy turntable that doesn't topple easily
I am so so sorry for your loss - my heart and prayers go out to you.
fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing
oh I am so right there with you- it is so hard to have it all. I have lost the joy myself- working part time- 3 kids and a house and multiple cakes yikers!! Take a break- take a deep breath ! good luck!
someone made the point about her being busy- and that it ts probably true- think of all the details etc she has running through her mind - i know it happens to me all the time. I truly think people generally do not know how much heart and soul we pour into these things , nor the time and effort either.I labored and worried over a graduation cake and we e-mailed back and forth for weeks and then it was just " oh how nice" and no report after.did a wedding cake on the house...
fantastic site I am inspired thans for sharing
Amenbiting my tongue as a former career woman turned "housewife sahm" and aspiring business owner.
toba garret had recipes procedures i believe
adding strong coffee in place of the milk ( if making chocolate )will both compliment the flavor and darken it a bit. I have also found that americolor brown tends to be more toward the red's family whereas wilton is more of a true brown ( normally I prefer americolor) Black def doesn't help- I made that mistake once!! also remember that it will darken if it sets a while- good luck
thanks guys- sounds like a plan
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