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Her website is went to 3 different stores looking for the big bottles of food coloring. All I could find was green, red & black.I'll post pictures after I cut it.
Thanks for all the replies. Baked the cake using my Americolor Gel. Looks awesome on the outside - I won't be cutting until tomorrow night but I'll take pictures. I'm anxious to see what the inside looks like. The icing is Marshmallow Cream Cheese w/ Pecans and Coconut in it.It was impossible to find blue food coloring because I needed 2 1oz. bottles. It would have taken about 8 boxes of the small bottles to get what I need. Needless to say that was a little pricey for me....
I found a great recipe (Paula Deen's) for Blue Velvet Cake. It's kind of a remake of the Red Velvet. I'm wanting to make it this weekend for a get together with our Sunday School Class. It calls for blue food color which is impossible to find. I was wondering if it would be possible to use blue Americolor gel. Anyone know? How much would I use? My mom came up with the suggestion of using blue jello but that would give it a blueberry taste which I don't think would taste...
Just ordered mine!!! I'm so excited. I'll be getting them next week & trying them asap.
The Cake Mix Doctor has a recipe using a white cake mix. You can do a search on her website and find the exact recipe. I make it all the time & get rave reviews. The color is a fabulous red color. I use her recipes all the time & haven't had a problem yet.
If you look at the pans, one side is higher then the other so the cake would be higher on one side then the other. I know, it took me a minute of looking, too. I would love to get these but $90 is a little much for us right now. They're going on my wish list!!!
Have you tried I order flowers & supplies from them all the time. Their customer service is awesome & I've never had a problem with any of their items.
I haven't used them but would love to!!!! Let me know if you get them and how they turn out. Love the pans on this website.
I use the Cake Mix Doctor recipe. It actually calls for a white cake mix and you add the cocoa and red food coloring. I love her recipes. I haven't tried a bad one yet. You can look on her website for her recipes or get her books. I have the Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor and the Cake Mix Doctor.
I think it looks great. The only thing that I see is that the brown might need something to break it up. That my opinion. My husband does say that I tend to keep working until it looks overdone though. LOL.
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