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Here's a link to an earlier thread on an 80's themed birthday party:
I use regular milk in place of the water. I used to use meringue powder, but stopped about a year ago and I don't notice one bit of difference. Big waste of $$$ in my opinion. I also use the butter/crisco combination. I DO use the meringue powder for royal icing. Just not the buttercream.
The buttercream will last a couple weeks in the fridge, or freeze for longer storage. I've never had any last more than 2 months, but it's been fine for at least that period of time. Just wrap it well.As far as the waxed paper, I can't say. I do my FBCT on parchment paper and have never had a problem with sticking. I've never tried plastic wrap either.
Leg warmers, torn shirts (think Flashdance), The era that Capri Sun and wine coolers were introduced, the end of the Delorean cars, the Corvette was given a new body style, Reaganomics, big hair, bigger earrings, parachute pants, punk or preppy, Who Shot JR, CD's were a new format for music so everyone still had vinyl records, cassettes, and maybe even some 8 tracks floating around.I don't know if that helps, probably not, but it's a blast from my past!
Does she still want it to LOOK like cake? You could do rice-krispy treats to look like cake.Someone here has a picture using the Tall Tier Cake Stand that is so clever--brownies, donuts, and sugar cookies on the bottom tiers, and then just small cake layers on the top. I'll try and find it--I thought it was quite brilliant.Edited to try and this link: again to say...
I've tried the Wilton and the making my own MMF. Never again. I hate it. WAY too sugary. You know those orange circus peanuts? That's what it's like. Same texture too. Ew. That said, I think it's a regional thing. Nobody in my area eats it. Occassionally you will see a fondant wedding cake...and piles of picked off fondant on the guests plates. I would suggest making a batch and giving it a taste test. You won't know till you've tried it!
If you follow this link, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Happy Birthday To You" and you can download it in a pdf. format.
I would push the pillars in prior to transporting and then just stick the next tier on at the reception venue. The daisies with the blue centers sound lovely. I'm partial to daisies anyway. Morning glory's would also work I think, here's a link on how to do them just in case:
Get a styrofoam cone and use skewers (you will probably need to cut them unless you can find some heavy duty toothpicks) to stick the berries into the foam. It's very pretty. I think if you look in the gallery there are examples of this presentation--they look like topiaries.Edited to add this link (which I hope works):
I think your range may have legs on the bottom that you can screw to change the height of the legs and level (like a washing machine).
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