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I found one in the gallery too. Not sure if this is the one you found.I will try to link: is under Theme->3D->Seashells/Ocean - #82
thecakegirl, absolutely beautiful cakes!
That has happened to me once when I had used the mixer too long on the icing. I used a hot spatula to smooth out after I iced the cake.
I have used the WIlton recipe, but after I cut out the cookies, I put them in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes, then on the cookie sheet. This stops them from spreading.Hope this helps!
I use -They have a wide variety, and their shipping charges are really reasonable. Plus, they are located in NY, and I am in NJ, so shipping seems nice and fast.
great find, I saved a copy to use in the future!
Thanks for the site m0use!!
I've been using DH, because it was on sale. I also dr. it up a little. No matter what brand of cake mix I still have to do a crumb coat. Anyone have any secrets to avoid the crumb coat??
Ladycake - never thought of that - What a great idea!!!
While searching for other things, I remembered this post when I came across this page:[/url] line may not work, not sure how to add it, if it doesn't just copy & paste into a new browser window.Hope this helps.
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