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Thank you for your input AZCouture.
Hi everyone, I don't know who made this cake, but would like to know what kind of frosting is it. Buttercream?? Royal icing?? thanks!!!!!!
thak you ladies!! I'm assuming just regular buttercream? any other frosting that you would recomend??? thank you so much!
yes please!!! it sounds like a new recipe to me :)
Hello everyone, I'm making a giant cupcake cake. I do not want to use cake box mix. Would any recipe work for this using the giant cupcake Wilton mold? I'm hesitant to use just any recipe as I'm thinking it has to have the right texture/density to hold the cake? Any ideas or recipes that someone has use and are happy with? thanks!!!!
Macsmom, for the Pineapple Coconut Banana cake. Do we follow the WASC recipe plus de additions for this cake?? Or do you just substitute the liquids? Sorry for the dumb question. thanks!
I'd like to thank everybody for their responses. My daughter finally decided she wanted an Ariel doll cake which I made and it was probably a lot easier!!! thanks everyone!  
Yortma, I made your strawberry cake this past weekend. It was absolutely delicious!!!! I followed the first recipe you provided. I may try the other version next time for a less dense of a cake. Thank you very much!!!!
Hello there! I was wondering if anyone knows is Toba Garret has a white chocolate version for the Chocolate buttercream??   thanks!!!
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