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Some of my family prefer the RKT to cake.  That keeps everyone happy.
I like Icing Inspirations in Kitchner and Cake Mischief out of Edmonton.
If you didn't want to use straight modeling chocolate you could use a 50/50 blend of modeling chocolate and fondant. To get the swirls of chocolate in there, roll out your base color to close to the thickness that you want. Then roll very thin "snakes" of your other color. Swirl the snakes around on the piece you have rolled out. Then finish rolling out. Your little snakes will get wider as you roll so be sure to make them quite thin. Then cut out your strips and put...
If I were you I would make it now. If you have as much humidity in Winnipeg as we have in Regina it will take a little longer than usual to dry.
I don't think that you can get Viva towels in Canada. I always buy mine when I go to the US.
Will this help?
There is in Kitchener, Golda's Kitchen in Toronto and in Edmonton. I am sure that there others but those are some that I have used and like.
You can mix modeling chocolate with gumpaste (50/50) and it is easier to work with if you have warm hands.
Try Kitchener, ON
I saw it yesterday at our Michaels. If they have it here in Canada I'm sure all the Michaels have it. It was with the adult Halloween party stuff.
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